Progressive Riding at Mayfield

The Progressive Riding Certificates are fully accredited by the British Horse Society and serve as an excellent foundation for any rider, regardless of age.

The program consists of six separate sections, covering many aspects of riding knowledge and etiquette. Each section contains both a practical and theoretical element.  The sections are usually taken in order and on completion of each, a badge and certificate are awarded.

Some of the elements covered are:

  • Approaching horse & pony safely, put on head collar, signs of good health, behavioral points, maintaining balanced walk & trot.
  • Learn parts of saddle & snaffle bridle, recognise tack in good & poor order, knowledge of grooming equipment & importance of cleanliness, know markings of a horse, cantering, adjusting stirrups, girth & reins on the move.
  • Correctly applying a tail bandage, knowledge of various feed types, knowledge of different bedding types, filling a hay net properly, make turns & circles & other school figures, working in canter.
  • Rules of watering & feeding, treatment of minor wounds, importance of a daily routine, recognise risen clenches & over grown feet, work without stirrups to perform some simple suppling exercises.
  • Know a variety of feeds & their respective values, inspecting horses for injury from ill-fitting tack, know why horses should be regularly wormed, knowledge of the BHS, run up a horse in hand, work in open order including transitions, risks & responsibilities when riding on the public highway.
  • Fit a New Zealand rug, the importance of water in a horses diet, know which plants are poisonous to horses, knowledge of paddock management & basic maintenance, the method for cooling off & caring for a hot horse, work the horse as an individual, ride a loop serpentine at trot.

Each component is usually tackled on a group basis, with at least one training session covering the required content, followed by the relevant test.